2014 Overset Grid Symposium Committees

Scientific Organizing Committee

Scott E. Sherer Air Force Research Laboratory
William M. Chan NASA Ames Research Center
Andrew M. Wissink U.S. Army/NASA Ames Research Center
Shishir A. Pandya NASA Ames Research Center
Pieter G. Buning NASA Langley Research Center
Reynaldo J. Gomez NASA Johnson Space Center
William D. Henshaw Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Robert L. Meakin CREATE-AV
Robert Nichols University of Alabama
Ralph W. Noack The Pennsylvania State University
Eric Paterson Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Jeffrey P. Slotnick The Boeing Company
Darby J. Vicker NASA Johnson Space Center

Local Organizing Committee

Marilyn Smith Georgia Institute of Technology
Natasha Barbely Georgia Institute of Technology
Therese-Ann Ngaya Georgia Institute of Technology
Daniel Prosser Georgia Institute of Technology